100 oz of water a day

5 Things That Happened When I Drank 100 oz of Water a Day

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Have you ever thought about setting a water intake goal of 100 oz a day?

Recently, I’ve been consuming 100oz of water a day as part of a weight loss challenge. I’m testing out the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge from Avocadu, and I will post a review when I finish next week for you all to read! As is commonly known, staying super hydrated really helps with weight loss. Plus, I’ve been wanting to do a super-hydration test ever since I wrote my post about how to get yourself to drink more water.

I drank 100 ounces of water every day for two weeks, and here’s what happened:

1. I didn’t get headaches

I didn’t get headaches, or if I did, it was easier to figure out why. If I got one I knew it had to be for a non-water related reason, like needing to eat, experiencing caffeine withdrawal, wearing a pair of earrings too long, or having my hair tied up too tightly.

2. I got peace of mind

Knowing my body had plenty of life’s most vital resource feels really good! It has definitely been a comfort to know that I was definitely not dehydrated, and that all my little cells and tissues were fat and happy (totally saturated with water). It feels good knowing that every process my body undergoes is helped out so much by the hydration and to know my body is operating better and more efficiently.

3. I slept like shit

Now for the down side. Obviously, when you drink a lot, you have to pee a lot. And for me this has meant waking up 1-3 times during the night to empty my bladder. Which has made me feel very groggy on some mornings, and what I imagine it would be like spending the night getting up to nurse a baby. Not my favorite thing. But this could be worth the trade off, depending on how much better you feel being hydrated and how difficult it is for you to go back to sleep. I try to finish drinking by 6pm to try and avoid having to wake up to pee, but it’s not always possible because 100oz is a lot!

4. I ate less and lost weight

Partly because I felt more full. It also curbed my “dehydration eating”, which happens to me a lot. I go to the fridge or kitchen cupboards searching for a snack because I feel like my body really needs some fuel/support. Then I eat the snack. Then I get myself a glass of water because, hey, it’s been a while since I drank some. I chug a huge glass so fast I’m panting for breath at the end. At which point I realize I wasn’t hungry at all, I was just thirsty. But my brain confused the message my body was sending because I love food so much. Deliberate subterfuge.

5. Improved energy levels!

Despite waking up during the night to go pee, I’ve been feeling physically great! I feel full of vitality. Some of this I’m sure is due to diet changes I’ve made while following the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge, but I know some of it has to be hydration too. This just in: coffee counts!! Coffee is essential for me to stir up my energy first thing in the morning, and it DOES count toward your daily water goal. I always was under the impression that coffee dehydrates you, even though it’s mostly water, because it’s a diuretic, but apparently that myth has been busted! Hallelujah!

It makes it so much easier to hit my target if my 24 oz of coffee in the morning counts. Embarrassingly, I have just learned this AFTER drinking 100 oz of water a day. So really I’ve been drinking 124 oz per day for two weeks! In any case, I’ve been feeling super healthy and alert, and I definitely think the increase in water intake has had a significant impact on that.

In Conclusion…

Overall, I think this experiment has been worthwhile. The only real downside is all the extra trips to the bathroom, which I can deal with. I usually don’t have trouble getting back to sleep quickly after I wake up for a bathroom break. I noticed during these two weeks that it became an automatic habit for me to take a drink from my water bottle every time I walked by it in the house. It helps to keep it on the kitchen counter with the lid off to make this easy. Even if I don’t continue drinking 100 oz every day after this challenge is over, I’ll certainly continue hydrating much better than I was before. Maybe if I reduce my intake to 70 oz or so, I won’t have to pee so much in the middle of the night 😛

If you want to try your own 100 oz of water a day challenge, check out my post about how to drink more water.

Stay tuned for my review post of the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge!


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Hey there! I'm Megan.

Hey there! I'm Megan.

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