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Causebox Reveal and Review: What’s in the Fall 2019 Box?

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For those of you who aren’t familiar, Causebox is a really cool way to do good in the world while also being able to treat yo’self. The Causebox Fall 2019 box is full of goodies that are made my socially or sustainably responsible brands.

What could be better than that?

Your dollar vote matters.

I remember very clearly the first time I came across the concept of the “dollar vote”.

It was in an Intro to Econ class in college. I had never taken any economics classes before, and being an intro class, we were covering the basics of how supply and demand works, and we were introduced to the dollar vote concept.

It’s a simple one, but a powerful one.

It’s a way for regular people to use the power they have as a consumer to have an impact on what kinds of goods get produced and what the prices of those goods are.

Regular consumers don’t get to vote in a polling box for the kinds of goods they want companies to make. Rather, they vote with their dollar – meaning the goods that consumers buy signal to companies what kinds of products they want companies to make.

Companies are only going to make goods that they can sell. So if everyone stops buying something, companies will stop making it because the demand has gone down and there’s no money in it for them.

So if you want companies to make more earth friendly products, or products that are ethically made and sourced, you can influence the trend in that direction by only buying those kinds of products, and encouraging friends and family to do the same.

It’s a small impact one person has, but individual choices are still important because they add up when counted all together with everyone else’s dollar votes.

It’s just like our election process. Your vote may seem small, and it is, but it’s also extremely important that you cast it. If everyone decided not to vote because their impact was too small, the whole system would fall apart.

All of this is to say that it’s important to buy products that reflect our values and do more good in the world than harm. Great.

But — how do we figure out which products to buy? Which companies have their ethics and sustainability at the forefront of their minds?

Figuring that out could take loads of research and time identifying and then tracking them down to buy them.

OR — Let Causebox do the work for you!

These days there’s no shortage of subscription boxes, but Causebox is different than most. Causebox takes the guesswork out of making good choices in the products we buy.

They fill their boxes each season with products made by companies that are intentionally trying to make a positive difference in the world, while ALSO providing you with a quality product!

One thing I love about Causebox is that it’s a seasonal subscription box, as opposed to a monthly one. Personally I have received other monthly subscription boxes, and even if I like the products in them, I start feeling like it’s just too much stuff when I’m getting them every month.

12 deliveries a year is a bit much for me. 4 is more like it.

Having a 3 month break between boxes makes me WAY more excited to get the next one!

Without further ado: The Fall 2019 Causebox Revealed! And reviewed 🙂

Causebox Fall 2019 Unboxing!

causebox review

Let’s start with the largest item in the box, shall we?

causebox fall 2019

1. Weekender Duffel Bag by Known Supply.

Known Supply is a clothing company that is passionate about addressing the issue of the average consumer being completely disconnected from the source of their clothing. These days, most of us have no idea where our clothes came from beyond the store we purchased them in.

We may see a tag that says Made in Bangladesh or Vietnam or China, and we imagine a large factory out in one of those countries churning out clothing day and night.

It’s easy to forget that there are actual people who spent time and effort making the things we wear and use every day. Known Supply wants to change that. They want to “humanize the apparel industry”.

They are focused on the well being of their employees, and to that end make sure that they are paying fair wages. They also have formed partnerships with Fair Trade Certified and Capable, two nonprofits focused on ethical business practices and ending poverty, respectively, to provide program services to Known Supply employees.

I LOVE my new Known Supply duffel bag. It’s practical, a great size, and I love the color. Blue is my favorite, and I think this duffel color is beautiful, without being too loud or flashy. I can’t wait to take it on a weekend trip!

My bag was made by Gulshan in India. What I think is really cool about Known Supply is that each item they make has the signature of the person who made it on the tag. You can go on their website and easily search for that person’s name, and you’ll find a photo of them and some biographical information.

You can even write a thank you message directly to them. I love it! It’s the reason this is one of my favorite items in the Fall 2019 Causebox.

What other company allows you to not only know who made your clothes, but to connect with them directly and express your gratitude? I think that’s so awesome and is much more the way we should be doing things when it comes to the clothing industry.

Value: $108

causebox fall 2019

2. Terrazzo Travel Wallet by Glass Ladder & Co.

Glass Ladder & Co. is all about making products that help young women feel confident in professional settings. They make laptop bags, wallets, purses, and more for carrying your essentials and business paraphernalia in style!

All of their products are made with high quality vegan leather. They are a company choosing to make a difference by taking a stand against genuine leather. This is because the production of genuine leather is cruel to animals, and also a HUGE contributor to global warming as an industry.

This specific wallet that Glass Ladder & Co. made for Causebox supports a non-profit, Easterseals, that partners with the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) to provide over 69 programs to people with developmental disabilities and their families. This is why there’s an extra D in “Ladder” on the inside of the wallet, in case you didn’t notice!

15% of the profits from this wallet will be given to Easterseals so they can continue the support services they have been providing for over 100 years.

I like that this wallet is slim and flat. It makes it easy to slide it into the side of a bag without taking up room. Perfect for traveling. I love that I can even fit my phone inside it! (Though for full disclosure I must admit I am one of few that still has an iPhone 5).

Value: $108


3. A lovely necklace by Nashelle.

Nashelle makes beautiful handmade jewelry in Bend, Oregon. Their brand has been picked up by Nordstrom’s, Anthropologie, and many other boutiques around the world.

Their founder, Heather Nashelle, has started the #FashionFeedingHunger movement. The company donates 10 meals for every piece of jewelry sold to people who are suffering from hunger scarcity. They fulfill this need by partnering with Feeding America and Neighbor Impact.

This is one of my favorite items in the Fall 2019 Causebox.

I love the simple elegance of this necklace. It’s not too heavy and it will go with almost anything. I like that the length of it calls attention, but not too much! Its simple design guards against being too much of a statement piece. I especially can’t wait to wear it to accessorize something black – the gold will really pop!

Value: $38

causebox fall 2019

4. Recovery Treatment Oil from Malin+Goetz.

Malin+Goetz creates high quality hair and skincare products. The way they give back to the world is by focusing on being eco-friendly. They only use natural, simple ingredients, and they make all of their products in the USA. More specifically (and locally) than that, they partner with local businesses in New York (their hometown), New Jersey, and Connecticut.

I really am loving this recovery treament oil! It has such a delicateness about it, both in aroma and how it feels on my skin. It’s lightweight and makes my skin feel silky and hydrated, without feeling too oily.

The oil is nice and light. The aroma is so pleasing too! Not overpowering or too perfumey. It makes me feel a little calmer when I apply it at night before bed.

Value: $82

5. La Lueur White Cactus Candle

La Lueur makes eco-friendly candles. They use coconut wax, which is natural and non-toxic, which makes for clean burning candles. They also use recyclable containers for their candles.

I am extremely picky when it comes to candles, air fresheners, or any fragrance product. I don’t like things to be too strong or perfumey. However, I realize that pretty much all candles are strong when you sniff the wax because that smell is diluted in the room when the candle is actually burning.

To my absolute surprise, I LOVE the white cactus scent! It smells like a bouquet of sweet, delicate flowers gained sentience and are freshly stepping out of their first shower. I know that’s an odd description, but I’m not sure how else to describe it. I love how classy the candle looks on my night stand, too. It’s perfect.

causebox fall 2019

6. A beautiful makeup brush set from La Beaute Soi.

La Beaute Soi is a makeup brush company that uses vegan products and is 100% cruelty free.

They have identified 3 major values as a company: protecting the planet, protecting animals, and protecting children. To support those values, they donate a portion of their proceeds to UNICEF, the ASPCA, and The Nature Conservancy.

This makeup brush set is really nice. To be perfectly honest,  I don’t wear a whole lot of makeup, but this brush set makes me want to watch some tutorials and educate myself! We’ll see if I get to that. But if not, I may give them as a gift to someone in my life who loves makeup. It’s always great to have a nice gift for someone, especially that you didn’t have to pay for! (I know I technically paid for this because I paid for the Causebox,  but Causebox gives you way more stuff than what you pay for, so this one’s basically free).

Value: $24

This last point brings me to one of the best things about Causebox! They give you MASSIVE value.

Just take a look at this Fall 2019 Causebox:

Total Value: $395

Actual cost for you: $50

Wow! That’s $345 worth of free stuff!

An annual membership to Causebox costs $200. They send 4 boxes a year, which comes out to $50 a box. There is always at LEAST $200 worth of stuff in each box. Sometimes, like this Fall 2019 Causebox, it’s way more!

I opted for an annual membership rather than being billed each season. If you go this route, Causebox allows you to customize your box and choose certain colors of items or which item, given 2 choices, you’d like.

I love being able to customize some things, and also having the rest of the items be kept secret until I open the box.

Having a bit of mystery to look forward to and knowing I get to open a box full of pretty presents I got for myself makes me happy. And knowing that all of the items inside are products and companies I can feel good about using and supporting makes me even happier.

I can’t recommend Causebox enough!

Ready to treat yo’self with seasonal, socially and environmentally conscious goodies? Click the banner below to sign up for your first box!

Even if you missed Causebox’s Fall 2019 box, I promise the next one will be amazing too!

CAUSEBOX | A Membership That Matters

That’s all for now! Check back soon for my Reveal and Review of the Causebox Winter 2019 box. Sign up today and you’ll get a winter box too!

– Megan

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Hey there! I'm Megan.

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