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19 Awesome Embroidery Projects YOU Can Do That Will WOW You

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Remember learning basic embroidery skills in elementary school? I sure do! It’s easier than you’d think, and the proof of that is that the public school system thinks it’s an appropriate activity for fourth graders. So if you’ve never tried it, don’t worry – these embroidery projects are definitely ones you can handle! As I’ve been writing this post, I’ve gotten inspired to start some new embroidery projects because the work you come away with is just stunning! I’m not sure what it is exactly that never fails to impress, but it never fails. You can embroider almost anything you can think of, and something hand embroidered by you would make an amazing gift for someone! Being stuck at home due to shelter in place orders makes now the perfect time to learn it!

Reasons I like embroidery:

  • It’s not messy
  • The end result is gorgeous
  • It’s a long lasting product
  • It usually has bright colors that really WOW you
  • It’s hard to mess up
  • You can set it down and pick it up whenever without risking it being ruined
  • It makes a great gift, decor, or personalization of something

Things you could embroider:

  • towels
  • handkerchiefs
  • napkins
  • sweaters
  • jackets
  • bags
  • jeans
  • dresses
  • throw pillows
  • bedding
  • wall art
  • pet collars
  • luggage tags
  • shoes
  • ties
  • headscarves
  • aprons
  • the sky is the limit once you get the hang of it, as to what you embroider and what you embroider ON.

And now for the good stuff… Amazing Embroidery Projects you can start right meow!

I’ve compiled a list here of all my favorite embroidery tutorials from Instructables.com. If you’ve never been to Instructables, you’ve got to check it out! Their site is all about making things, from crafts to food to wood working to building circuits and beyond! It’s an amazing site to find inspiration for creative projects, and MOST ideas on there will include a step by step tutorial. It’s definitely one of my favorite sites. The first two links are to help you get started. The first is not a specific project, it just covers some of the basic techniques that will help you with any subsequent projects. The second link will show you how to make your own embroidery hoop quickly and easily, in case you don’t want to buy a “real” one. embroidery projects  

1. Embroidery Basics by gtrachel

2. How to Make Your Own Embroidery Loop by Ashhari Lokuge

3. Undersea Scene by supersoftdrink

embroidery projects

4. Cute Peruvian Llama by Creative Mom CZ

Negative Space Embroidery

5. Negative Space Embroidery by cutelittledevil

embroidery projects

6. Lady with Umbrella by kamini

7. Pet Embroidery by jenileigh

embroidery projects

8. Easy Hand Embroidered Dandelion by cutelittledevil

9. Embroidered Bookmark by Mwarnock42

10. Blinky Pacman Magnet by ladymda

10 Hand Embroidery Leaves

11. Hand Embroidered Leaves by HandiWorks

12. Geometric Mountains by eidmaw

13. How to Hand Embroider Flowers by jessyratfink

14. Simple Name Embroidery by pcorsino

15. Mountains (and different stitch techniques) by jessyratfink

16. Embroidered Medals of Achievement by jessyratfink

Cork Embroidery Tutorial

17. Cork Jewelry by Little Treasures

18. Embroidered Rose by treesneedtobehugged

Embroidered Portrait #2

19, Embroidered Portrait by Danger is my middle name

That’s it for my round up! I hope you feel inspired to try one of these tutorials out and come to appreciate what a wonderful craft embroidery can be. Go on and get your craft on! P.S. Looking for other things to do besides Netflix and chill during coronavirus-related restrictions? You may want to check out my post 30 Ways to Use a Shelter in Place Order to Your Advantage.  
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Hey there! I'm Megan.

Hey there! I'm Megan.

I believe in cultivating a happy life with intention, using one small building block at a time.

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