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11 Homemade Non-toxic Cleaners That Will Save You Money

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Have you ever wanted to cut down on your exposure to chemicals by making your own non-toxic cleaners?

Spring is in the air, which means it’s the wonderful season of spring cleaning!

I personally LOVE to spring clean, whether it’s going through clothes and stuff and giving away things I don’t need, or finally scrubbing the baseboards and cleaning the outside of my windows.

But catching the spring cleaning fever can present two problems:

1. Buying an armful of cleaners tailored to each thing you need to clean in your house can really add up and cost more than you want to spend

2. Cleaning everything all at once with lots of different cleaners can feel like you’re setting off a toxic bomb of chemicals into the air in your home

Well, I’m here with a recipe round-up post to solve both these problems!

Making your own non-toxic cleaners can be a lot more simple than you would think. Water makes up most of the volume in the cleaners we use, with some chemicals added in as the active ingredient.

But there are simple ingredients like alcohol, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, baking soda, etc. that are non-toxic, powerful cleaning agents.

The best part? You probably already have a lot of these in your home, so you don’t have to go spend money on them.

Even if you don’t have them already, you can go out and get them pretty inexpensively, and these ingredients are ones that you can use for multiple types of cleaners.

A few general tips for making your own cleaners:

  • A lot of these recipes call for essential oils to provide a nice fragrance. You don’t need essential oils for all of them, and many cleaners will be just as effective without them. They just won’t smell as nice. Some, like cleaners that contain lemon oil, ARE important to the function of the cleaner (lemon oil does wonders to remove sticky stuff). As always, I only recommend doTERRA brand essential oils, because they truly are the purest on the market and the most ethically sourced that I am aware of. I’m not saying that because I’m a wellness advocate for them and want to sell you oils. I’m a wellness advocate for them because I believe they are the best, and I don’t see the point in using essential oils for wellness or for making nontoxic products if they contain fillers and synthetics I can’t be sure are safe.
  • I recommend getting some amber or blue colored glass bottles to mix your cleaners in. The colored glass protects essential oils that you use in your cleaners from being affected by light. I would get several 16 oz. spray bottles, depending on how many cleaners you are planning to make, and 2-3 4 oz. spray bottles (for example, to use for the air freshener recipe or the linen spray).
  • In terms of labels for your cleaners, a helpful hack is to get some chalkboard stickers so you can re-label them in the future. This will allow you to use any bottle for any solution at different times, so each one isn’t stuck being the bottle for a particular type of cleaner forever.

Without further ado, here’s my round-up for the best homemade non-toxic cleaners from some really awesome bloggers out there! Happy Spring Cleaning!

Homemade Cleaner Recipe Round-Up:

1. Homemade Dusting Spray // Pins and Procrastination

2. All Natural Homemade Kitchen and Stove Degreaser // Happy Mothering

3. Anti-Mold and Mildew Spray // One Essential Community

4. DIY Toilet Cleaning Bombs // Ideal Silhouette

5. Simple Homemade Wood Polish Spray // Happy Mothering

6. Homemade Lavender Linen Spray // Freebie Finding Mom

7. Homemade Shower Cleaner // One Essential Community

8. DIY Homemade Super Orange All-Purpose Cleaner // Redefined Mom

9. How to Make DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaner // Earth Friendly Tips

10. Homemade Glass Cleaner // Pins and Procrastination

11. All Natural Febreze with Essential Oils // Our Oily House

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Hey there! I'm Megan.

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