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How to Reboot Your Life After Summer with a 30 Day Challenge

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A 3o day challenge isn’t just for January 1st.

Another perfect time to start one? Right after summer!

Ah, summer. A time of travel, play, cool and delicious cocktails, and lounging in the sun.

It’s so wonderful… until it ends.

And the realization that your life is actually a hot mess comes crashing down on you.

You come home to find all of the things you’ve been neglecting that make it seem like fall will be your downfall.

Any of these sound familiar?

You spent too much money traveling and your savings account is depleted. Oops!

You’ve been eating out too much, or just eating too much.

You’ve been drinking a bit too much lately.

Maybe you haven’t given a passing thought to the gym in four months. I’ve been there!

Maybe your apartment looks like a disaster zone and it hasn’t really mattered until now because you’ve been traveling, or out and about a lot.

Perhaps you can’t remember the last time you drank a glass of water (no, as much as I’d like them to, coffee and beer don’t count).

When you come home from summer vacations and prepare to settle into your regular routine, it can feel overwhelming. 

Enter the 30 day challenge! I’ve gathered an assortment of them here to address the most common areas of life you might be wanting to address when summer ends and you realize you’ve gotten just a teensy bit off track.

The way you use these is up to you! If you’re feeling WAY overwhelmed and a 30 day challenge feels like yet another thing “to do”, just pick one that addresses your top priority.

If you’re feeling motivated to tackle a few things, pick a few! Some of them combine quite easily with others without taking much extra time or effort.

If you go for the one at a time route, bookmark this page so you can pick a new 30 day challenge after you finish the first one!

1. Mental Health 30 Day Challenge:

30 day challenge

Read about this challenge at Good Housekeeping

2. Minimalism 30 Day Challenge:

Read about this challenge at Mom Generations

3. Fitness 30 Day Challenge:

Read about this challenge at Meraadi

4. Money Saving Challenge:

30 day challenge

Read about this challenge at Savvy Honey

5. Productivity 30 Day Challenge:

This infographic came from Productivity4Procrastinators, but unfortunately, their website is down. You can save the infographic from here though, or bookmark this page to visit each day!

6. Clean Eating Challenge:

This one doesn’t lend itself too well to an infographic. I travel a lot in the summer, which means I end up eating out a lot, eating lots of treats, and drinking more than usual.

So, the way I usually tackle a clean eating challenge is by eliminating one or more of the following:

  • no alcohol
  • no refined sugar
  • no processed/packaged foods
  • no soda

Alternately, you could ADD something to your diet, like trying to eat a vegetable or greens of some kind with every meal.

7. Cleaning Challenge:

30 day challenge

Read about this challenge at Frugally Blonde

8. Organizing 30 Day Challenge:

Read about this challenge at Kelly Go Lightly

9. Water 30 Day Challenge:

Read about this challenge at Pepper Scraps

10. Weight Loss Challenge:

This challenge is a special one, because everyone has a different body, different weight loss goals, and different time frames.

30 days is a reasonable amount of time to focus your energy on weight loss, but your weight loss journey might be longer than that.

Sign up with Healthy Wage, a company that is so passionate about motivating people to lose weight and get healthy that they will PAY YOU to lose weight.

YES! You read that right.

And the best part is, you can use their free tool to calculate how much weight you think you can reasonably lose, how much time you think you can do it in, and how much prize money you want to win.

Money is a great motivator. Sign up today!

You can read my post about Healthy Wage here.

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Hey there! I'm Megan.

Hey there! I'm Megan.

I believe in cultivating a happy life with intention, using one small building block at a time.

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